Upcoming fiber maintenance in La Junta

Image of SECOM Installing Prototype Fiberhood
SECOM Installing Prototype Fiberhood

This summer, we here at Secom, have a lot of changes planned to help us better serve our great customers.  One of those is a major rebuild of our La Junta fiber plant and redesign of that network. With these changes we’ll be increasing our capacity to serve more customers, have a better design to allow for easier maintenance and also give us more resiliency on some of our core transport links in and out of La Junta.

In order to carry out these changes we’ve scheduled several maintenance windows in May, June, July and August.  If you’re not aware, our typical maintenance windows are from Midnight (12:00a.m.) to 04:00 a.m..  These are usually performed on Wednesday’s or Thursdays.  You should be receiving notifications shortly, on the specifics times and dates for these maintenance activities along with the details of how your service will be impacted.  Should you still have questions, or if you didn’t receive a notification, feel free to email our support to ask for clarification.  We also post all of our service outages to our network status page secom.net/network-status .  You can follow @SecomNoc on twitter for real time updates and notifications of the network status and which areas may be experiencing problems.

With change there is always potential for something to go wrong.  We’ve had our fair share of incidents lately that have had some pretty serious impacts to our customers and we don’t take that lightly.  We’re going to further our efforts to ensure that we do a better job of change management and also proceed with a bit more caution while we work to get a few items sorted out.  We appreciate your patience and want to assure you the maintenance we do will be well planned and tested, and we’ll try to minimize the downtime to your services.

Thanks again for your patience, understanding and continued support of Secom!

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