Business Fiber Internet - Symmetrical


SECOM understands the needs of small-business owners, and works hard to provide cutting-edge technology at affordable prices. Work from the cloud or have a VPN?  Step up to our symmetrical packages* which are delivered over fiber and have the same upload speed as the download.  These provide the fastest browsing, download and upload times for all of your business needs, so you can stop waiting on your connection and start focusing on what’s really important.  We can customize a package that fits your needs and your budget.

5Mbs packages starting at $30.00/Meg
10Mbs packages starting at $25.00/Meg
20Mbs packages starting at $21.00/Meg
50Mbs packages starting at $15.00/Meg
100Mbs packages starting at $13.00/Meg

*Call for full details. Bandwidths subject to bursting may not be resold.