In our digital world, being connected matters. SECOM offers fiber and wireless internet, voice plans and Ethernet circuits for your business.

Our two-way wireless broadband connections offer download speeds of up to 15 Mbs — but with a fiber connection, the sky’s the limit!

Our Services


State-of-the-art switching

We built our network with a groundbreaking approach to data transport, using next-generation ethernet switching technology.  Our fully integrated metro ethernet platform segregates your data traffic logically at the switch level, avoiding the latency of multiple routers and quality-of-service overhead.  With only a single router between you and our nationwide backbone carriers (Level 3, Zayo, and TW Telecom), you really will experience the internet at the speed of light!

Point to Point Data Links

Need to link your business locations? Don’t feel like paying for expensive WAN interfaces and bandwidth you’ll never use? Our Data Transport offerings include Native Ethernet products; all you need to connect is a CAT-5 cable!