Secom's new notification system for maintenance and service disruptions

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The Secom network engineering and operations team is excited to announce that we’re improving our process by which we notify you, our awesome customers, whenever we’re planning maintenance or experiencing service outages. This new system puts the control into your hands to choose what you want to be alerted on (which Secom service) and by what method (email, SMS/text, webook, RSS).

Over the next several months we’ll be moving away from the current process and starting to use the new one. We plan on having the new process up and running by 2/14/2018, with continued support and effort extended beyond that point to migrate all our existing customers over.

During this transition we will be reaching out to our existing customers that have previously opted-in for maintenance notifications, and inform them on how to begin using this new process. We’ll do our best to reach out to everyone, but we may miss a few of you, we apologize if that’s the case.

We’ve also created a “How To” guide on our Secom Help Center that will take you step-by-step through the process. You can find the guide here

We’ve wanted to improve this process for quite some time and you’ve given us great feedback on what you’d like to see . It’s our goal to not only make this a simpler process but also more useful. The added benefit is that it will be a much faster process for our support and operations teams, so they’ll be able to spend more time updating our network and delivering exceptional customer service!

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks again for being loyal Secom customers.


Our apologies and explanation for the Aug 22-23 outages

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Our apology to you!

Our mission and promise at Secom is to deliver fast and reliable services to our customers and provide exceptional, personal support when needed. They are equally important to us both as an organization and as the individuals who strive to make our mission a reality. We recently failed (quite miserably) on that first promise and for that we take full responsibility and apologize for the frustration and inconveniences we’ve caused you.

Growing a network and improving technology can be a tricky business. It takes careful planning, clear communication and precise execution. We thought we had made all the proper plans, we thought we had engaged all the right people, we thought we had made the necessary communication…and we were wrong. We’ve not yet fully uncovered all the mistakes that we made, but you can rest assured it is our top priority. At Secom we have a culture where we’re quick to own our mistakes, take accountability for them and then to plot a better way forward with all the lessons we have just learned.

What went wrong

We’ve been working over the past 9+ months on a long-term goal to make improvements and increase capacity to our transport equipment to better meet the needs of our customers both now and in the future. This is the equipment that serves as the backbone to get packets and calls from one of our communities to the next and ultimately to the internet, public phone network or elsewhere. It’s a critical element in allowing us to do what we do, and we’re very discerning when it comes to making changes because being anything less, can prove disastrous. With our well-made plan in hand, and enlisted help of professional services, we scheduled the necessary maintenance windows to make it happen. We had several successful upgrades in a row and were confident that everything was shaping up for the final, and largest upgrade to go according to plan as the others before it. Needless to say, it did not. There was not just a single failure that caused the problems, but, as in most disasters, a cascading series of failures of one critical component to another. After approximately 30 hours we were once again in full control of our network, and services have been performing as expected since. We anticipate it to remain this way, and will be holding off on any further changes we had planned.

The way forward

After all is said and done, we now have a laundry list of questions and problems for which we will need to find answers. None of them are easy, and it’s not something we will have solved in days, but rather in the weeks and months to come. We’re committed to coming up with the necessary solutions that will ensure future incidents like this can be avoided. We have a great team of folks who were instrumental in resolving the series of problems encountered during the outage and they will be presenting plans for what our future network will look like. We’ve got the full backing from our senior leadership that we will commit the necessary resources to make this a realization.

We thank you for choosing to remain a Secom customer, and we’ll do our best to win back your confidence and give you assurance that you made the right decision when you chose to become a part of the Secom family.



Secom welcomes Vision Broadband!

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Welcome to Secom

Welcome aboard Vision Broadband employees and customers! We’re really excited to have you join our 5000+ Secom customers and hold us to our commitment of providing the best service and support in Southeastern Colorado. Click here to view our FAQ that may answer some of the questions you have about what’s going to change.

If that doesn’t answer your questions don’t hesitate to give us a call at 719-955-0122 or email us and we’d love to help.

Please bear in mind that with any change and acquisition there is bound to be a problem or two. While we strive to minimize these problems as best we can, there inevitably will be some that slip through cracks. We’re committed to rectifying those problems quickly and effectively and keeping your services running as good or better than before!

Again, we’re really excited for this opportunity to serve you and we’ll strive to exceed your expectations whenever possible!

2017 / June 6-7-8 upcoming network maintenance

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Hi SECOM Customers!

We have scheduled early morning network maintenance on June 6th, 7th and 8th from 12am (midnight) to 4am.

This maintenance will affect most of our phone customers for up to 30 minutes at a time during the midnight-to-4am window.

It will also affect fiber and Secom Wireless internet customers in many of Secom’s service areas, including the towns of Aguilar, Cheraw, Eads, Fowler, La Junta, Lamar, Las Animas, Manzanola, Olney Springs, Ordway, Rocky Ford, Springfield, Sugar City, Swink, Walsenburg, and Walsh.

If you have any questions about this maintenance, feel free to email our support team at (referencing M2017-020) to ask for further details. If you weren’t aware, we also post our maintenance and outage notifications to our network status page,, and our Secom NOC twitter account, which you can follow @SecomNoc or find at

With change there is potential for something to go wrong. We have had our fair share of incidents, and we take our responsibility seriously to provide the best Internet, Voice and Data services. We will be making every effort possible to ensure our maintenance goes as planned and stays within the defined time frames. We appreciate your patience and want to assure you the maintenance we do will be well planned and tested, and we’ll try to minimize the downtime to your services.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and continued support of Secom!

5 tips for protecting your digital data

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It goes without saying, that in today’s Internet age, your digital information has never been more important or potentially vulnerable to be stolen or misused.  However, with a little bit of effort you should be able to keep your data and personal information ready for when you need it, but out of reach from those looking to steal it . Below are some simple tips that we suggest for anyone to use in this digitally connected era.

1. Backup your data

Keeping a backup copy of your photos, videos, important documents is the first step in protection. This will ensure if any of your devices are ever stolen, damaged or lost that you won’t lose your important information. You can easily create a backup on a device like an external hard drive, SD card or backup data to the cloud through services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. Update your operation systems

The software on your smartphone, computers and other devices will have occasional vulnerabilities in them that can allow hackers to access your device and its information. By patching (updating software) on your devices your taking a big step in the right direction in closing down those vulnerabilities.

3. Use a firewall

When you get a Secom Internet service, we highly recommend that you immediately install a firewall to protect the devices in your home or office. Most likely if you purchase a common, off-the-shelf router it will have firewall functionality built into it. That’s great and you won’t need to purchase an additional appliance, but take the time to either watch a video on YouTube or read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to turn on the security features of the device. And remember in Step 2 when we said to upgrade your operating systems? Well this goes for routers/firewalls, switches and WiFi access points as well.

4. Don’t use passwords, use phrases instead

Don’t use passwords…are you crazy? Hold on, I’m not suggesting that you don’t protect your logins, but instead of a single password use a phrase of words instead. Perhaps you use portions of one of your favorite quotes, songs or lines from a movie. It’s rather simple and really ups the ante on making your “password” that much harder to break.

5. Lock down your wireless (WiFi) at home or office

It’s a great idea to use the WiFi security of your home device to make sure that nobody else is using your Internet connection. You may be the generous type who loves to share, but this is more than just being a nice person allowing anyone access to your Internet connection. By not having a secured WiFi network you’re making it easy for anyone to bypass your firewall and get easy access to your home devices and data. For most modern Wifi devices this is a very simple setting to turn on, so take the extra minute to do so.


Upcoming network maintenance 11-15-16

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Hello SECOM Customers!

We have scheduled a planned maintenance event for November 15th, 2016 from 12 a.m. MST to 4 a.m. MST. This maintenance is expected to affect the majority of our Internet customers and our Long Distance calling service for voice customers. The service impact will occur at varying intervals throughout this maintenance window. Should you have questions feel free to email our support at (referencing M2016-067) to ask for further details. If you weren’t aware, we also post our maintenance and outage notifications to our network status page and our Secom NOC twitter account which you can follow @SecomNoc or find at

With change there is potential for something to go wrong. We have had our fair share of incidents and we don’t take our responsibility to provide the best Internet, Voice and Data services lightly. We will be making every effort possible to ensure our maintenance goes as planned and within the defined time frames. We’re going to further our efforts to ensure that we do a better job of change management and also proceed with more caution while we work to get a few of these items sorted out. We appreciate your patience and want to assure you the maintenance we do will be well planned and tested, and we’ll try to minimize the downtime to your services.

Thanks again for your patience, understanding and continued support of Secom!

Secom wireless upgrades in Custer County

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The Secom wireless teams have been making some upgrades in the Custer County areas recently and are pleased to offer a new 80Mb/s service. Give us a call at 1-888-925-7695 or email if you’d like to be scheduled for a new install or upgrade!

Introducing SmartHub, Secom's new automated billing, payment system

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Secom is making a few changes behind the scenes to our billing and operations systems. One of those changes will impact the way that you, our customers, can view your online bill and make payments.  This new system, called SmartHub, will replace the previous PayDQ system.

What this means to our customers:

  • You will need to setup and review your account information in the new SmartHub system. You should have received an info guide with your most recent bill (paper bill/mail) indicating this as well.
  • You will need to re-enter or update your payment preference (checking/debit card or savings accounts, Master Card, Visa and Discover cards)
  • There will be a new link to access this system.  If you bookmarked the old PayDQ site, you will need to delete that and add one for
  • You can also use the mobile app for SmartHub to view account information and make payments while on the go. Download the Android or IOS/Apple app now!
  • If you have questions, please read through the SmartHub FAQ or contact support

We know that with any change comes an opportunity for problems to arise and we’re actively trying to prevent those from occurring.  We appreciate your patience as we make this transition.  Also, we hope that any inconveniences that may arise are well worth the added security, mobility and ease of use that SmartHub provides.

End of support announcement for Secom hosted email

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Dear Secom Customers,

This notice is intended for any Secom customers who are using our hosted email services, if you either:

  • Have an or email address that we host for you, or
  • Have your own domain (IE, but connect to Secom’s email servers ( or to access your mailboxes and settings.

We will also be sending out notifications by email over the upcoming weeks.

If you do not use Secom for email hosting, then you can disregard this message.

We thank you for allowing us to provide this email service for you, but in an effort to focus more of our attention and energy on the core services we provide, like Internet and voice, we have decided to end the support and service for hosted email on the following dates:

  • and customer on 12/31/2016
  • Hosted email domains for businesses and organization on 03/31/2017

With industry changes in email, there are providers who specialize in email that can provide a better experience along with enhanced support and security features.
At this time, we recommend that you create a new email account and make a plan to transition from your Secom account to your new account. There are a number of free email providers available to you online. With these providers, you can send and receive email no matter who you choose as your internet service provider. Each of these options will have more resources and features available to access, manage and secure your email moving forward. Here is a list of a few that we would recommend: (Google Inc), (Microsoft), (Yahoo!). If you have specific needs, there are many other email providers out there which you can find with some research.

If you have your own domain and host that email with Secom, we can work with you to make the transition a bit smoother, including assistance with message transfer along with necessary DNS changes. Please email our support team at if you would like assistance with this.

If you have questions or need assistance please send us an email at

As always, we greatly appreciate your continued loyalty and patronage, and we don’t make decisions like this haphazardly. We truly feel like our customers will be better served with a more focused email provider, and the added benefit is that we can better support our primary services and continue their development.


Your friends at Secom

FAQ for DD Wireless customers transitioning to Secom

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Who is SECOM?

SECOM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southeast Colorado Power Association based in La Junta, CO. SECOM strives to be the premier internet and data provider and employer for Southeastern Colorado.

Are there going to be any changes to my service or bill?

Not immediately. SECOM will make the transition of DDW billing later this year. Your service will remain the same.

What number should I call if I have any questions about my account or if I want to pay my bill?

719-383-1349 OR 800-657-7149

Will my plan change or my upload/download speeds be different with SECOM?

No. The plans provided by DDW will remain the same. If you choose to change plans, the DDW plans will still be available to you.

When can I expect to receive my first bill from SECOM?

DDW will transition to SECOM’s billing cycle in June. SECOM anticipates sending bills to DDW customers near the end of the year, probably in December.

When will my bill be due?

Your bill will be due by the 15th of the month.

Will my current auto-draft or ACH payments be moved over to SECOM?

SECOM is in the process of moving all DDW customers over to our billing system. While this transition will not happen over-night, arrangements have been made for DDW customer bills to come to SECOM either via mail, auto draft or ACH. Continue to pay your bill as you normally would. SECOM will notify you if any changes need made.

When I get my first bill from SECOM, can I setup ACH or auto-payments?


Does SECOM have any offices where I can drop off my bill in person?

Yes, we are currently located at 402 Santa Fe Ave in La Junta. A drop box is located for customer convenience.

What are my billing options with SECOM?

You can continue to pay through the DDW on line option. Once the transition is complete, you will be able to pay online at SECOM offers ACH and EFT auto-pay along with payments made from a checking or savings account, VISA or Mastercard. You can also mail your bill, pay online at or pay in person at our Santa Fe office.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my service?

The current method of reporting service problems will remain in effect, which is to dial (877) 945-7873 and Ext. 2 for Service and Support.  Later this year we will transition to Secom’s methods of problem reporting by opening a ticket via email, web or phone.

Is there a way to be notified automatically if SECOM is experiencing service interruptions?

SECOM has a twitter account @SecomNoc and Network Status website ( that gets updated when service disruptions occur as well as when we expect to have them resolved

Are there any other services I can get from SECOM, like phone service?

Currently, SECOM does not offer phone service in your area.

I’ve had friends or family that couldn’t get service from DDW in the past. Can SECOM help?

SECOM may have service in areas where DDW did not. We hope that SECOM’s expanded service will be able to help provide internet access to those without.

Will there be any late fees if not paid by the 15th of the month?

A $5 late fee will be added to any accounts from which payment is not received in the office by the 15th. Around the 27th-28th of the month if payment still not received, a $25 reconnect fee will be added and service will be shut off until payment is made.

Are we able to make any kind of payment arrangments?

No, SECOM does not make payment arrangements.