Wireless Broadband

Whether you’re looking for a lightning-fast connection to stream movies and chat with friends in real time, or a simpler service for basic browsing and emailing, wireless broadband from SECOM meets your needs at your speed.  No phone line required.

Wireless Internet Plans

Download speeds up to 15 Mbs / Uploads to 3 Mbs.

Download speeds up to 10 Mbs / Uploads to 2 Mbs.

Download speeds up to 3 Mbs / Uploads to 1 Mbs.

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 *Service availability and speeds will vary depending on location, terrain, distance from a tower and wireless signal noise from other providers in the unlicensed frequency spectrum.   SECOM offers service to the best of their ability and has an install criteria requirement to be met by each serviceable location.  If an installation technician finds that the signal doesn’t met the quality of service criteria, unfortunately we will not be able to provide service at this time.