Business Wireless

SECOM Reliably Serves the Largest Industries in Southern Colorado

More and more consumers are demanding that businesses keep them connected and businesses are doing just that. Providing high-level access not only to conduct business but also to meet the needs of the consumers we serve.

SECOM is Colorado’s Most Referred Business Broadband Internet Provider Offering:
  • Fastest Connection Speeds on the Market
  • Unhackable Secure Networks
  • Low Maintenance Cost-Friendly Solutions

Business Wireless Internet Solutions

Business 50

  • 50 Mbps Download
  • 35 Mbps Upload

$149.95 monthly

Business 25

  • 25 Mbps Download
  • 14 Mbps Upload

$94.95 monthly

Business 15

  • 15 Mbps Download
  • 8 Mbps Upload

$59.95 monthly

Business Dedicated Wireless Access

  • 10 - 500 Mbps Speeds
  • 24x7 Phone Support
  • Service Level Guarantee
  • 7-day a week daylight on-site support

$14.00 per mbps

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SECOM aims to make life easy for you especially when it comes to your wireless internet service. Call (800) 657-7149 today to talk about a free quote for you home or business!


SECOM's unique locally owned state-the-art wireless fiber internet services are robust, reliable and financially unbeatable. Supporting the areas only private, secure network, SECOM offers peace-of-mind coupled with a signature auto backtracking technology that customers report as the highest up-time averages against the competition. Add in a team of locally staffed service professionals for easy technical assistance and you'll find a success formula that is SECOM.  

Around-the-Clock Customer Service

Because your service can’t wait, we offer 24-hour customer service for the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry.  SECOM is always there to make sure your connection is working at the speed of progress.