Customer Support

Curious if Secom is having an outage or conducting maintenance?

You can check to see the realtime status of our network and also subscribe to automatically be alerted via text message (SMS) or email when we experience outages or are conducting maintenance. To view our status page go to You can also read our help center article on how to subscribe to automatically receive alerts via text message (SMS) or email.

For Outages not listed on our Status Page please call 1-800-657-7149 Opt. 2, Opt. 2


Secom Self Help Center

If you have a question or problem with your Secom service please visit our Self Help Center at for articles and guides that may be able to give you the solution you're looking for.

Still stumped or not able to find a helpful guide? No worries, you can email (Mon-Fri 7a.m.-5:30p.m.) and our support agents will be glad to assist you.

External Resources

The following links are external sites not owned or controlled by SECOM, but which we feel would be of service to our customers. Please keep in mind that you will be taken to each link in a new browser window, and SECOM, Inc., has no control over the content or functionality of any of the below sites.