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What is Wireless Internet Service?

Wireless Internet Service or WiFi as it is more popularly known; is broadband internet without all the complicated wires. Signals transmit over radio frequencies allowing computers to communicate. One access point acts as a hub for all wireless devices supporting eight to sixteen computers. A single access point can connect WiFi enabled mobile devices to the internet and support a wide variety of data communication. 

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) Benefits

  • Increased Mobility and Collaboration

Roam freely without losing a connection and find portable, innovative ways to work together more effectively while staying connected.

  • Improved Responsiveness

Easily connect to the information you need when you need it improving customer service or single user experience.

  • Better Information Access

Connect hard-to-reach access areas in your business or home while improving the process or procedures.

  • Easier Network Expansion

Quickly add new users cost-effectively growing your network.

  • Secured Guest Access

Provide a unique service that gives peace of mind to customers, business partners, and guests knowing you value their protection and privacy.

  • Convenience

Easily use more screen and device varieties with growing technology in the home and office.


What is Dedicated Internet Access?

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a connection that acts as a two way highway uploading and downloading information from the web at equal speeds.  Users requiring this symmetrical connectivity are primarily seeking high-bandwidth upload capability. DIA carves out a portion of bandwidth that is reserved and dedicated strictly for your use runs on the SECOM private fiber network.

Dedicated Internet Access Benefits

  • Exclusive Ownership

Highest internet speeds that are consistent and reliable since you are not competing for resources because the connection belongs solely to you.

  • Lightening-Fast Speed

Custom speed tailoring to exact requirements or future growth needs for more effective business transactions.

  • Maximum Control

Uninterrupted productivity by eliminating sluggish connections during peak usage periods ensuring dependable service for employees, customers, and guests.

  • Quicker Access

Apps, emails, databases and more are quickly exchanged no matter their stored location.

  • Budget Friendly

Cost-effective services that combined with improved productivity put money back on to the bottom line.

What is Fiber Internet Service?

Fiber Optic Internet Service is the fastest form of broadband technology and is deemed the industry gold standard connection. This cutting edge technology sometimes called Fiber to Home or FTTH uses modulated light to transmit data.

Fiber Internet easily carries digital information quickly and over longer distances because of the cablings super thin diameter and lighter weight. Constructed of glass, fiber does not generate electricity making it immune to all sorts of interferences like lightning, power lines, and high voltage electricity. Less interference means a clean, clear connection for error free content retrieval. 

What Are The Benefits of Fiber Internet?

  • Commercial Grade, Symmetrical-Type Bandwidth

Difference maker in enterprise and business market operations with instant download and upload speeds = 10mgbs- 10gps.

  • Private Connection

Every line is individual and supports unlimited bandwidth through longer transmission distances with no caps or lowered speed unlike shared line solutions.

  • Runs at Speed of Light

Recognized as the fastest data retrieval medium, fiber’s passive system maintains a high percent of up-time performance.

  • Maximum Security

Glass connections make fiber unhackable promoting a system wide shutdown if line is infiltrated creating the most secure network available.

  • Interference Free

High performing signal rates and error free transmissions come from the cablings electromagnetic resistance making for interruption free connections even during power outages.

  • Cost Smart

Lower maintenance costs make is an easy alternative to cable and DSL pricing

Around-the-Clock Customer Service

Because your service can’t wait, we offer 24-hour customer service for the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry.  SECOM is always there to make sure your connection is working at the speed of progress.